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  • 13 February 2016, 02:38PM
  • ₱ 200 =0.007352 BTC
  • ₱ 500 =0.018379 BTC
  • ₱ 1000 =0.036758 BTC
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How to Become a Reseller

You may contact us directly for reseller opportunities via, +63 2 843-3841, or +639494485758.

How It Works

  • I don't have a Bitcoin wallet yet! Where can I get one?

    There are literally hundreds of Bitcoin wallet providers online, but some of our favorites include Coinbase and QuickCoin. Just create an account with any of these providers, find your wallet address (it looks like this: 1CBmanJNV4X4pdmAJ7JiKrA8QJzjGEpbvE), and you should be good to go!

  • How much are the Prepaid Bitcoin cards being sold for?

    Cards are being sold at face value.

    If you purchased one of our cards at a price that was different from those listed here, please contact us immediately at

  • What can I buy with my Bitcoin?

    Bitmarket has the definitive list of businesses currently accepting Bitcoin in the Philippines. Online, you may pay for travel via CheapAir or Expedia, computer hardware from NewEgg or Dell, premium accounts from OkCupid, paid subscriptions on Wordpress, or domain names from NameCheap, with hundreds more added everyday.

  • Can I resell my Prepaid Bitcoin cards?

    Although you can do anything you want with our cards after you've purchased them, we do prefer that you contact us directly for reseller opportunities. We may be able to give you preferential rates and help you market our product to your respective audience.

  • Do these cards expire?

    No, our Prepaid Bitcoin cards are good forever.


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